1999 Tour of Moray Cycle Race in Pictures
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Podium Shots 99   Action Shots 99 by Gordon Gillespie,Northsport Photography
Podium 1, 2 Stage 1: A Dallas break 
Podium 3, 4 Stage 1: The following bunch at Dallas
Podium 5, 6 Stage 1: Lincoln Headford at the finishing corner
Stage 1: Leaders
Stage 1: Four nation combat
Stage 1: Derek Finnegan wins from Martin Lonie
Stage 2: The bunch powers uphill in Burghead
Stage 3: The start with Winnie Ewing, MSP
Stage 3: Taking the strain together
Stage 3: Leading contenders on the climb through Cullen
    Stage 3: Peter Murdoch wins from Gareth Sheppard, but loses the Tour title by 1 sec.